Heart the Beat (Nico Tuason)

The more coins you collect, the higher your score multiplier. Hitting a wall resets the multiplier. – [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. pink sparkles are my lifeblood

  2. Well it ain’t bit.trip worthy. Despite the fact that your ship was at a fixed location they couldn’t time the collection of the gems with the music. There didn’t seem to be any consequence to getting hit. I guess it’s that sort of game for people who actually care about scores.

  3. In the first minute I thought “Cool game, but it should be harder”. Then it started kicking my ass. I think it got mad.
    Cool game.

  4. at the end i just hoped it would stop kicking me.
    it was brutal

  5. It’s impressive how fun this is.

  6. This game is like me!

  7. Haa, this had me laughing whenever it changed.

  8. really well balanced game for something created in 48 hours. that pulsing effect is great too.

  9. 😯 nerdcubed

  10. Yay, Parallax Pink Stars!

    Wasn’t a fan of the squares that rapidly expanded, felt they weren’t conducive to being anticipated easily, but perhaps my brain is too meagre. Other than that, this was really cool. The camera turning and controls staying constant was the best.