good morning, commander (allen)

a short adventure game set in space[Author’s description]

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  1. I got to the flying device and reached the point with the black pyramid behind the locked transparent door. This is pretty cool, and yet I didn’t feel drawn enough to take the time and explore all the other lights to see if the code for the door was hidden somewhere.

  2. This is interesting and I think the visuals work quite well. The models are simple from a technical perspective, but they do a good job of capturing the feeling of a given item; I particularly like the orange utility computer (a reference to Moon, I suspect). The 2001-esque briefing room and basement corridor are well done, too. However, I can’t bring myself to explore everything due to the slow movement speed which, although almost certainly a deliberate choice, is a bit extreme. I’ll probably give it another shot on the weekend.

  3. Thought this was great, captured the isolated tension of 2001: a space oddyssey perfectly. Kept me feeling freaked out but intruiged the whole way.

    I though little details like positioning the Pyramid object at the end of a long hall so it had a persepctive trick, and made it look like it stretched to infinity, made this really clever.

    Anyone not sure what to do HINTS:

    There are 4 locations to visit, each has a coloured light you can see if you fly high enough in the pod.

    Each location has one object you need to interact with. Each location has everything needed to activate it’s object, entirely self-conatined:

    The first base has something hidden in one of the rooms, , but you’ll need a tool to get at it properly.

    The blue base has an experiment to be activated, jsut a matter of pushing buttons.

    The yellow base’s generator needs activating, but first you’ll need to find a switch to attach. The flying pod has a torch activated with left click, useful here.

    The orange base has a keypad lock. You won’t find it written anywhere in game, but the base you’re in might help give you a clue.

    The long corridor is a reference to Moon btw, namely the very plot twisty bit.

  4. atmospheric but the slow movement speed is, as one says, extreme

  5. I figured out all the bases except the starting one. Any hints?

    • *SPOILER*

      There’s a hidden entrance in one of the rooms. Once you know to look for one, it isn’t particularly hidden.


  6. Yeah, it feels like 2001, and that’s awesome. As they say, nothing is scarier than nothing at all. Is the screen supposed to go white in the end?

  7. I had to force this game down to 640×480 just to get it to run on my old old laptop (at 2-20fps). I originally just wanted to test it, but I accidentally played the whole thing. It took a very long time. I wanna replay it on a real computer in the near future.

    I also think I found a couple of easter eggs (?):

    -When I first went outside, I was looking at the stars to see if I could catch the skybox texture repeating (I couldn’t). But I saw a plane flying by. A space-plane. I think it was orange? I dunno if there are any other events associated with the space-plane, but if there were, I missed them.
    -You can find the orange-suited person. I brought them with me, but couldn’t find any further interactions.
    -In 2001 there are four different colors of spacesuit: Red (Dave), yellow (Frank), blue (unused), and green (emergency suit). In the game, you’re yellow, and red presumably lives with you (judging from the matching cups in the cafeteria and supplies room). Red + yellow = orange. Everyone else is MIA. Significant? Probably not. Neat thing to realize? Yeah, sure.
    -You can put stuff on the shelf in your bedroom: The books lying on the floor, the weird doll from the admin office of the Blue base, and the toy car from the Yellow base. There’s still space left on the shelf after that, so I probably missed something (from the Orange base, I assume).
    -The admin office’s desk appears to have a rotary phone on it. And a red stapler, which is a reference to that scene in 2001 where everyone sits around and watches Office Space.

    Man, this is exactly my type of game. An empty post-apocalypse, some light puzzles, non-linearity, and periodic weirdo cutscenes. Sounds like a solid evening.