Fuaim (Llaura Dreamfeeel, Emily Green, Pupil)

An abstract game set amongst a multiverse of stars. [Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]


  1. Oh wow, cool to see this short little game I made on freeindiegam.es . 😀

    • So you are the guy who made this game? I just discovered it because of a post on Reddit.

      I’m really interested in non photorealistic rendering techniques in games, and I’d like to ask you about how you made this game and what techniques you used to get this gorgeous style.

      • I think the most unique technique is probably the crazy amount of depth masking I’m doing to achieve the cut out effect.

        Essentially I draw the very background elements: the rainbow-y one, the stars etc (which are transformed by a script according to the camera to give the sense of depth) and then all the game elements, text & the bubbles in the background just write to the zbuffer (so essentially invisible) and finally the pinkish morphing ‘void’ is drawn where it can (ie: not where the otherwise invisible bits are). As everything has different parallax it creates a weird atmosphere.

        Any other question feel free to ask me at [broken link]

    • Yeah, this is so very pretty. (I’d also love to see a write-up on that, if any of you have the time and inclination.)