Ex Nihilo (Juhana Leinonen)


From what I can make out, the game stores the player’s entries and then feeds them back out… [IFDB review]

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  1. i like this a lot

    clicking too frantically seems to bug it out though, i think, just as a heads-up

    • yeah, i think the fairly short paragraphs made me go through the story too fast sometimes, which is a pity because the ambience is so great. i love it when you find the “presence” and the game reveals the text on the other side, it reinforces the feeling of “another like me” really well and gives me shivers.

  2. “From Nothing” YOU USED LATIN! I already love this game, but I will see what it is actually like.

  3. I liked this game even before I realized you could change the view to see what the other “presence” chose to do. When I did notice that, I was floored.

    Just a question, does anyone know how the “fate of the world” is generated? I assume it has something to do with the two feelings that are chosen at the end, but sometimes it seems completely random and unrelated to how the two stories unfolded.