Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)

counterfeit monkey

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Orthography has taken a serious interest in your activities lately. Your face has been recorded and your cover is blown.

Your remaining assets: about eight more hours of a national holiday that’s spreading the police thin; the most inconvenient damn disguise you’ve ever worn in your life; and one full-alphabet letter remover.

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[Download .gblorb file] (open with Gargoyle interpreter for Windows/Mac/Ubuntu)



  1. Aw now what the sam hill is a gblorb file

  2. worth saying that playing a text game that uses a parser interpreter is very easy and painless, just install the interpreter and run the file

  3. I seem to be collecting a rather gruesome inventory, but the nature of the game is such that I can’t tell whether it’s my fault or if the game intended it.

  4. Seems a little unfair for this to come out on December 31st, after everybody has written their top 10 lists.

    What a brilliant, brilliant game. I love how there are multiple solutions to almost every puzzle. Pretty much anything you want to do is possible, as long as it’s within the rules of the universe: at the very end, I skipped the intended mode of transportation and k-removed a rock, then soared to safety on the back of a giant bird.