Vixen (Bentosmile)

Girls are mean![Author’s Description]

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  1. Quit playing it pretty early on – felt guilty for the horrible things I was doing.

  2. I played it three times including a total pacifist run (my first run was a mostly pacifist run). Game’s a great depiction of bullying and senseless, unmotivated hatred.

    (And I can’t ever get enough of BentoSmile’s visual design sense and illustrations.)

  3. First run was a pacifist run, I couldn’t bring myself to choose any of the bullying options. It was very frightening, brought back a few bad memories. I went back and explored the other options, even though I found it difficult to do so.

    Fascinating as always, Bento Smile…

  4. Well done; the problem needs more attention than it gets.

    Semi-spoiler: I found what I assume is the “pacifist” ending, and two similar “bully” endings, in which the avatar did and did not get caught bullying. Even at that, I think the game made its point, but is there a “worse” ending hiding in the dialogue tree somewhere?