Unmanned (Molleindustria, Jim Munroe)

I believe we are witnessing a two-fold process that consists, on one hand, in the separation of civilians and soldiers from the reality and the consequences of the war through technology and secrecy such as the myriad of undercover drone operations around the world. And, on the other hand, in the pervasion of stylized, sanitized or redacted depictions of war in news and entertainment. I’m sure older gamers are aware that the real war doesn’t look like Modern Warfare, but I fear that the proliferation of these cool, sexy representations has a overall soothing effect. This reinforces the doctrine of the endless global war, it turns what is supposed to be an exception, the last resort in conflict resolution, into something normal, a little thought in the back of our minds, a low intensity buzz that accompanies our everyday life.[Interview with the Author]

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  1. This game is great!

  2. Ollllllld (but gollllllld).

    • It came out in February, before the site started. We’re working out best-of-year lists at the moment, and I wanted to make sure we had a post for this one.

  3. very interesting game. It was very cool liked the music and art style.

  4. back when i first played this, it piqued my curiosity and i watched some clips of drone camera footage, it was fucking creepy. the no-sound, noisy video was like watching through the eyes of some insane god up in the sky deciding where to rain its vengeance. surely drone operators don’t have such an image of themselves, because their bodies are pretty far away from the tiny deadly spot on the sky they really are; something Unmanned conveys pretty fucking well. the scene where the protagonist is playing generic dude shooting game while his son cheers him on is particularly illustrative of this disconnect.

    tl;dr: this game is awesome yes yes yes fuck yes

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