Tiny Soccer Manager Stories (PierreC)

I tried to craft an experience more than I tried to craft a game. So…if you don’t like the game, you might want to hold on to get the experience.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Surprisingly excellent.

  2. I can’t help but get caught on that unfortunate moment where the narration insists that since a character’s turned out to be a girl she obviously isn’t into soccer any more (this despite other girls in the class being quite good at it), but it’s worth overlooking that to see what the game’s doing. The ending is really quite sweet.

  3. Really liked this as a narrative, skipped a bunch of the puzzles though because I wasn’t really finding them so interesting.

    I personally really liked that Louis wasn’t explained any more than he was. Zblorb.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, and thanks to Terry for the post, seriously. I thought this game was a total failure because of the quite ininteresting puzzles. Hopefully, the “Skip Puzzle” button was my best idea!

    I just want to answer “Nobody” about the girl that sucks at football thing : the “narration” didn’t insist on this, the narrator did. I wanted the teacher character to be a bit clumsy sometimes, he’s human after all. It was on purpose, I’m not sexist 😳

    About Louis : I don’t know much more about him than you do. ^^
    When his score is getting weird, it’s something like Isa’s score x2 – Fiona’s score. It doesn’t make any sense, just a big mystery.

    • Oops, totally valid, that narrator/narration distinction. (Sorry about that mistake!) I think I was tripped up by her stats (presumably) changing when the narrator makes that comment, but hadn’t thought through the fact that even the stats are a representation of the teacher’s mental model, that the reality of how each student plays never really enters the picture.

      In any case, thanks for pointing out my error. (And I hadn’t realized this was made by the same person as Sister’s Little Helper, which I also very much enjoyed!)