Tale of Scale (ratking)

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 00.27.38
Theme is in it, if you play it through you can even see it. 🙂 [Author’s Statement]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. Very good, very good. I’ll point out the similarities with Perspective, another beautiful game recently posted here, that I’ve now played a second time amazed at how easy it gets on replay.

    Both games play with objects that are manipulated in a way that makes them stay the same size for a viewer who moves around, therefore changing the objects size relative to the environment. They’re games highly aware of how different is the real 3D world to the (slightly enhanced to see depth) 2D image our eyes perceive of it.

    I loved it. The only real problem is that it too easily lets you skip the conversations with Mother at the beginning of each level, when at first I didn’t know I was skipping anything. Really, a simple click-to-skip-dialogue sign would make all the difference, informing players about the brief “cutscene” we’re about to watch.

    Oh, and don’t call your character villain. He seemed like a nice enough dude, y’know, considering all the naughtiness and the uncontrollable everything-I-touch-gets-messy power.