Stephen’s Top 10 of 2012

#10 Zaga 33

by Michael Brough

#9 Soulcaster

by MagicalTimeBean

#8 Craequ

by Jonathan Whiting

#7 T in Y world

by Tom VII

#6 Tape Dream

by gargonherd

#5 Asphyx

by Droqen

#4 Turnament

by Nitrome

#3 Game Title

by Michael Brough

#2 Game Title: Lost Levels

by Michael Brough

#1 Corrypt

by Michael Brough


  1. Maybe I misremember, but last week Stephen tweeted that he ranked Lost Levels higher than Corrypt. Did something in the latter manage to unexpectedly win him over, perchance?

    • It’s better, but not #1 material (Corrypt’s more ambitious, more original in one significant way (but more conventional in many others, admittedly), more exciting).

  2. Looks to me like we may have found Michael Brough’s biggest fan 😉

    • Man, why is Glitch Tank missing though?

      • his multiplayer stuff leaves me unmoved. but that’s the stuff he seems to want to make the most from what i can tell rather than these mostly incidental puzzle games. so i have mixed feelings about expressing delight at them because of this. because he could end up mistaking my endorsement for advice and wasting his time on things he’s merely good at rather than projects that might result in a more sincere self-realisation.

        • don’t listen to him, michael.

          you make some of the most inspired two-player games i’ve ever loved.

          • where’s the fav star button>

            it’s cool, i’d rather make a game i’ll play with my wife 3000 times than something that impresses stephen. although i’ll hopefully keep managing to do a bit of both!

  3. I got sucked into Corrypt for a few hours yesterday and the “magic” mechanic actually reminded me of the “Half Sided” puzzles in English Country Tune. In both you have to strategically manipulate the puzzles so that they’re actually solvable.

  4. hrmm, what shall I pick, what shall I pick?


  5. You were all terribly remiss in not picking that one game that was like a picture book that you interacted with by clicking on words in the text and I have no idea what it was called. Good, though.

  6. This year I resolve to finally beat the secret boss in Zaga-33.