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Best of 2012: Adventure


by Stwelin

Goblet Grotto

by thecatamites, J Chastain, NEW VADERS


by John Clowder

Nuign Specter

by Jake Clover


by Unproductive Fun Time

Best of 2012: Multiplayer

Beneath Her Belly

by Leon Arnott


by Merritt Kopas


by Michael Brough


by Jordan Browne, Squidantics

Triple Threat

by rylgh

Best of 2012: Arcade/Action


by Bruno R. Marcus

Da serie do VHS maluca

by Pedro Paiva

Fuck this Dungeon

by rylgh

These Automatic Arms

by Fort/Da

Vidiot Game

by GZ Storm

Cove of Flies (LavosXII)


It is a game about not exploring caves.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (recommended magnification: 150% or 200%)]


You have ONE MINUTE to decide what to do before the Mayan Apocalypse(c) hits earth!!

Many different endings, endless replayability!!

Get the best APOCALYPTIC GRADE! aim for the stars – [Author’s description]

[Play Online]


Path to Death (Jeremias)


The good forces start on the left and after each round, they progress from location to location. You are the tyrant’s saboteur which travels to the locations and manipulates them.

Collect your skillpoints, invest them in the location’s skilltree and defend the throne on the right! [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]

Goblin Fortress (AtkinsSJ)


Build and manage your own goblin settlement![Author’s description]

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Bad Kitty (aare)


In this game you play as the small kitty, the goal is to make 14 poops, without beeing catched by the inmates and be blamed for making them.

To move kitty around use WSAD or arrows, to poop pres and hold space. Pooping takes a while, and one is not very mobile in that time so take that into the consideration.
Inmates gets suspicious when they see You making poop or while beeing inside the green circle that sorounds poop, so avoid that or the game will end.

You get more points when green circles sorrounding poops doesn’t touch, so try to spread your faecals evenly across the flat. – [Author’s description]

[Windows/Linux Download]


Sisyphus and the Cursed Diamonds (Manu & Wan)

This platformer is about heroes, greed and repentance… and most of all, it’s about wondering: Who is the villain, you or you?

* CONTROLS : You’ll figure them out… Except ENTER, that you can hold to skip cutscenes. – [Author’s description]

[Play Online (Chrome recommended)]


Ore Chasm (Black Ships Fill the Sky)


A game about shooting lasers and mining ore in beautiful unspoilt mars.

With your friends! (It is multiplayer and it should be playable multiplayer online we hope…)[Author’s description]

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[Play Online (post-comp version)]