La Torre de Nozar (Sebastián García)

Quería evitar el típico juego educativo de “jugá (a esto que no tiene nada que ver), pará de jugar, aprendé esto y seguí jugando, etc”, quería que el juego en sí, trate el concepto directamente y que al mismo tiempo, sea un juego atractivo, llamativo, para que el público realmente quiera jugarlo y no lo sienta como “una mera estafa para enseñarles algo”.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. I wanted to avoid the typical educational game of “play (something that’s nothing to do with the subject), stop playing, learn this and keep playing, etc”, I wanted the game itself to directly discuss the concept and at the same time, to be an attractive game, impressive, so the public really wants to play it instead of feeling it’s “a mere trick to teach them something.”

  2. Translation of the Author’s Description snippet:
    I wanted to avoid the typical educational game of “play (this thing that has nothing to do with anything), stop playing, learn this and keep playing, etc”, I wanted for the game itself to deal directly with the concept and, at the same time, to be an attractive and appealing game, so that the public really wanted to play it and not feel like it was “a mere ploy to teach something”.

    Yeah, he wrote a run-on sentence. And misspelled juega with jugá. Not really important, you can understand what he means. I hope.

  3. I WON! Not the game, but the “translate first” contest.

    Really fun game, though it gets too complicated for my brain after level 6. The author did not actually misspelt “jugá,” that’s the actual imperative form in parts of Argentina. I’ll also point out that the sorcerer’s name, Nozar, is an anagram for “razón” (reason).

  4. cute game. controls and hitting things aren’t the best but a fun concept


  6. Mathematical!

    (I have a habit of leaving foreign descriptions untranslated. I don’t really trust google translate or myself, so I just leave ’em alone).

    • Eh, I was just translatin’ it ’cause I wanted to. The author seems to be bilingual and is goin’ to be making an English release available on GameJolt anyway, apparently.

  7. The aesthetic screams Broderbund CD-ROM X Battletoads for the Super NES. I love it. It’s actually really fun in the upper levels. I was sad when it ended. I’d love to see an expansion of this/more levels/more action/endless mode. I want more.

  8. i liked everything except the look of the protagonist 🙂

  9. I really liked the control scheme for this! IJKL ASD is a really intuitive combination, actually!