Footbrawl Quest (immortius)

Footbrawl Quest is a turn based football game featuring the Knights vs the Undead.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. can’t run in win8 64bit

  2. Fun! It’d be interesting to see an expansion on this concept that had various different fantasy-faction themed teams (demonologists, elves, dwarves, etc) each with their own advantages and disadvantages, letting you choose which you want to play as… maybe with a career mode and some degree of mix-and-matching.

    Though part of the fun is in its simplicity, too, so maybe not.

  3. Wow, this was a blast! I just wish I’d known bombs would remove walls earlier…

    Any thoughts of a manual? I think I’ve figured out most of the important rules, but I’m not entirely clear.

  4. Doesn’t run in windows 8 32 bit either. If you ever get it working I would love to play this!

  5. This runs just fine in Windows 8 64-bit for me. The problem being reported by ‘ng’ is likely user error of some sort.

  6. This is one of the most polished, challenging, enjoyable indie games that I have played since Spelunky. It’s easy to pick up, difficult to master, and every game is different. Serious props to the author, I am really looking forward to your future creations.

  7. Wow, amazing game! I like it!
    For improve your game i suggest you to add statistic (like how many match you have win/lose, how many enemy you have killed, how many teamates are died, ecc…) and more teams (orcs, elfs, ecc…)!