Corrypt (Michael Brough)

This is a new puzzle game.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]


  1. Aargh, I just realised why the keys are red… Damn your indie in-jokes!

  2. This is really great. I may be too dumb to ever finish it, but it’s just so damn smart.

  3. This is superb. It’s already great before then as a novel implementation of a block-pushing game (I can’t think of anyone who’s done this forced push/pull mechanic before? And a “daughter” shows up as a neat rule-change), but even if for some reason you’re not taken by its initial aspects, do make sure to continue until halfway through when what appears to be the main reason for the game’s creation comes into play. It’s incredible that it manages to hold together despite the truly neat thing that’s introduced.

    • I suppose it’s possible to permanently screw up the magic and get stuck. I might have already done so. Not too sure how to recover.

      • [short version: you have infinite room-by-room undos, but there’s a good chance it makes sense to start over from the checkpoint]

        Yeah, I backed up my save and tested a few things, including seeing whether the ladders were safe from a player’s errant destruction. (They’re not. And obviously mushrooms and score tokens aren’t either. There aren’t more than two ladders, right?)

        I haven’t yet completed the game, and I’m planning to start over with the latest bugfix release anyway, but I have a feeling that the spirit of the game is ultimately one in which the player is encouraged to start over from the checkpoint and play multiple times in an attempt to increase one’s score, rather than (necessarily) expecting the player to successfully complete it in one go-through. At least that’s suggested by the high-score listing on the title screen (and because I backed myself into a corner as well, and starting over from the checkpoint seems preferable to undoing hundreds of times trying to see where I can safely jump back in).

        Two more things: I suppose I don’t yet know what the endpoint is, if there is one. Some unanswered questions so far:

        — Are there more than two ladders (i.e., did I accidentally destroy one)?

        — There are at least a couple currently empty map squares that don’t appear to have any edge openings from adjacent rooms. Absence by design or is there a tricksy way of entering them? [Oh! Maybe a destroyed ladder back “up”?]

        — If there’s an ending, what triggers it? (It doesn’t appear to be triggered by collecting all surviving score tokens, but who knows how many I got rid of by mistake. In my soon-to-be-aborted playthrough I believe there was just one surviving mushroom I couldn’t reach. I don’t think any characters are asking anything of you after the midway point?)

        — A perfect score definitely requires note-taking. Does the completion-state pretty much require it as well? (I’m curious: is the economy tuned such that a perfect playthrough would let you magic all the squares?)

        • I’m pretty sure this comment was originally about ladders. Anyway, I guess you late-comers are out of luck.

          • Oh, wow, that works! I can’t believe, even after experimenting with them, that that hadn’t crossed my mind. And it turns out I had left my save file with one magic-use remaining, so maybe I won’t need to start over after all (though I don’t know if I’ve triggered the pricing bug that would require starting over with the latest version to fix).

        • “Does the completion-state pretty much require it as well?”

          No. I thought it might, but enough careful thinking got me through. It took a couple of goes, though.

          • Thanks, Stephen. So I ended up reaching the completion-point without needing to restart after all. (I suspect collecting a specific thing triggered it, though I might play again to see if it’s triggered even if you collect it very early.) It turns out the game is actually really forgiving. I ended up with 7 score things on this run.

            Aquin, I wonder if it might be best to edit out your dead-end room suggestion? It turns out that the game seems to consider that a crucial insight, and it would be a shame for someone to see that before gleaning the topology and trying that out as a last resort. (I have a feeling I would have discovered it on my second run; initially I apparently wasn’t even paying attention enough to properly count the number of floors. 😉 )

  4. There is also now an iOS version of this for anyone who likes their indie games a bit less free:

  5. ❓ I am playing this on my PC. All good, luv the game but I have looked and looked everwhere how to place the magic? I get the arrow thing, but what do I use to set the magic? how do I place it in the square I want to???????

  6. sorry I want to clarify me q above – I have gotten through checkpoint and have 2 magic mushies. I have watched a walkthrough and I can’t tell what control I need to use to place my magic in a selected spot. I know this sounds like a really dumb question but I am really missing something here??