Best of 2012: Edutainment

Pleasuredromes of Kubla Khan

by thecatamites

Frog Fractions
by Twinbeard Studios

Live Forever!
by Hubol

The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis
by Noyb

by David Capello


  1. Perchance it is my frail and badly inflamed suspicion joint that is acting up… but something tells me that these games are not actually earnest contributions to the education genre!!

  2. Frog Fractions is completely overrated. It almost feels like an internet conspiracy to call this game good when it’s blatantly terrible and annoying!

    • Did you go down?

    • do you mean it’s not educational enough?

      • Yes I went down, and went through the Asteroids part… but I just don’t get it. Nothing about the experience is actually fun in any way. I think the concept is interesting of subverting expectations and all, but I just don’t like the implementation. It’s not my kind of humor, and the gameplay sucks.

        Nice joke, thecreepyhour, but no :-p. Although if it were legitimately educational I might’ve at least gotten something out of the experience.

  3. i propose a “best of 2012: thecatamites” category