Best of 2012: Adventure


by Stwelin

Goblet Grotto

by thecatamites, J Chastain, NEW VADERS


by John Clowder

Nuign Specter

by Jake Clover


by Unproductive Fun Time


  1. This reads like a list of shame for me, all sitting on my desktop. Absolutely love thecatamites, Pleasuredromes of Kubla Khan was one of my favourites this year, so might play Grotto tonight. Keep the lists coming!

    • Nuign Specter is a nice short one. Good place to start!

      The others… yeah, you kinda need to make time for them, heh.

      • Haha, will do. Knew OFF was long, was hoping the others would be short sweet experiences. Oh well, good problems.

        • I found it pretty easy to jump in and out of Goblet Grotto at will. There’s a huge amount of stuff to do and you can play through it in one sitting, but it’s enjoyable in small bites as well.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with all of these selections. Especially OFF and Foam.

    This was a pretty good year.

  3. yess go go goblet grotto go go OFF!! very good list

  4. This is one of my best christmas gifts.