Will You Ever Return? (jackspinoza)

As the world left him behind and he fell to Inferno he heard some sobs “Will you ever return? Will you ever return?” from his good girl. He was moving in a series of convulsive spasms, like someone with an epileptic fit, his face distorted and his eyes wild like a lassoed horse bracing his legs. But something kept pulling him on. And now he’s picking up the skulls and making the circle in Inferno so that he might revisit Jenny on that holiest of nights Halloween. [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]

(via rockpapershotgun)


  1. Hah! This is flippin’ great.

    Something about the RPG Maker engine just brings out the weirdest in people.

  2. Very nice atmosphere and good humor. Not too long, hard or easy.