Undo The End (Disco Fish)

These are dark times, and the world will end soon[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. That’s a pretty cool mechanic. Seems hella work intensive, though.

  2. Undo the End by Jorgaselv

    What the?! This is my game! And I have a contract with AddiсtingGames an exclusive license. You had no right to load the game on another portal, and in its own name!

    You’ll be in trouble.

    Original link here – https://www.addictinggames.com/action-games/undo-the-end-game.jsp

    • Hi, I didn’t upload it to kongregate, I just stumbled across it there and linked to it. I’ll change the link above to point to addiction games, but you’ll want to get in touch with kongregate directly to get them to take it down.



    • Am I the only one didn’t enjoy this after seeing the developer jumping to conclusions, stirring up drama, and making playground threats?

      It’s an okay game, but it was hard to have fun after listening to a hothead. 🙁

      • seeing your game under someone elses name isn’t a good feeling

      • Yeah, plagiarism is much, much worse than, say, piracy, and while a softer touch might have been more effective, it’s probably worth overlooking a bit of hotheadedness, given the situation (especially with English as a second language).

        (Also, I like this game. There’s a nice feeling throughout that the author could end up taking you anywhere.)

  3. this is a game developer Discofish https://works.discofish.ru/