Titan Flux Kapacity 2 (Jake Clover)

haha nono it’s not your eyes don’t worry it’s all the game[Author’s comment]

[Download for Windows]


  1. The “Author’s comment” was given as I couldn’t read any of the displayed text (like on the top and bottom of the screenshot)
    I thought I was going blind !!! :mrgreen:

    Don’t think that’s his general description of the game, though…! 🙂

  2. Didn’t really get the author’s comment.

    Couldn’t read the text in the game because of the weird font.

    Got stuck in an infinite death loop and had to quit.

  3. Tried again and beat it.

    Is there some trick to reading it?

    A few paragraphs of scrolling text is pretty boring when you can’t read a thing!

  4. Jake Clover/pixel toastHaus is another fascinating developer you’ve featured here. Nuign Specter! Bear Surfin Mega Wave! ASAKE! And now Titan Flux Kapacity 2! Though this one is a little more…opaque than even his usual.