The last hope of Doctor Zeit (Alkemi)

You took mein Helena, but maybe… I vill see her again… – [In game text]


[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is really neat! (I’ve played through twice, once with 50 points uncollected, and the second time with 30 points missing.)

    The uncrumbling platforms felt like a mistake at first — the way they apparently force you to take blind jumps hoping to stumble upon one — but halfway through my first playthrough I realized they’re consistently signaled by wreckage on the ground, with only their height being an unknown. I probably should have picked up on that sooner (after all, there’s animation signalling just that — unfortunately I was convinced from the start that the wreckage markers were in fact spikes); it’s a pretty elegant solution and turns a game that could be largely about trial and error into something much more easily predictable.

    I’d love to see more of this.

    • Yeah, it’s a pretty neat implementation. I like its use of “high jumps” in context appropriate situations – which works out better here than in the obvious comparison, Hempuli’s Mushroom Engine.

      • Oh, right, I had played that. I think I also like how this one avoids needing to show phantom collected-coin outlines by instead starting up the coin-collecting particle effects as you get within a certain radius of one.

        (That said, it crossed my mind that the crumbling platforms aren’t really rigorously following the no-paradox convention, else you wouldn’t be able to traverse them more than once. But I can see how ignoring that makes for a much smoother game here.)

        • This was brilliant fun. Sometimes I (for one) found the sparkly coin effect a bit misleading. It led to a few paradoxes for me when I would try to follow them and they would lead me into a fall (which is, of course, when I should have been picking them up during a high jump… which is itself actually a long fall… I’ve got to go have a lie down!)

      • Hi, I was the GD/LD on this project, and let me first say I’m incredibly flattered to know the creator of VVVVV or Super Hexagon (32.33 on hyper hexagonest!) has played it.

        Especially considering how Don’t look back was quite an inspiration for this little game, alongside more obvious one like Braid.

        We’re currently improving this game (made during a Game Jam), and thinking about adding two two “pre-sequelling” levels, to complete our sad scientists unravelling of history: The Escape of Dr Zeit and then, the Capture of Dr Zeit.

        I really hope we’ll find the time to make those (it always seem much harder, outside the Game Jam adrenaline buzz) as we have many other ideas to revert platformers codes in interesting ways!

        Anyway, thanks to you all for finding the time to play this and sharing your mind.