SAIcoron (Dango Itimi)

A dice rotates by a mouse drag. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Huh, this is more interesting than a standard match-3 game for a couple reasons:

    First, there’s the added bit of spatial reasoning involving picturing the occluded sides of each die, understanding that opposite faces always add up to 7, etc.

    Secondly, making it so that only identically oriented numbers count as a match was a smart move, producing a difference of weight/urgency between the different tile values. [1, 4, and 5, are completely symmetrical and so always match with each other. 2, 3, and 6 have two possible orientations and are thus harder to match and more dangerous to keep lying around. And so while it seems like there are 6 numbers to keep track of, one of which is always impossible to reach at bottom of the die, there are actually 9 separate possible states, 4 of which are impossible to reach.]

    The end result of all that seems to be that the games end up going on for not too uncomfortably long a time (a standard problem with the genre, I think?) as the disorder tends to quickly increase.

    • Yeah, it’s a neat idea but it flames out quickly. I think it could probably work better in a more thoughtful context, but I suspect this game (and all of the Dango games) are kinda just thrown together prototype/experiments that make it to mobile.