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Feed some ducks (David_is_neato)

added permadeath[Author’s description]

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Humbug 2 (pixelcontinuous)

Think […][Author’s description]

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Turing Turns (Lysis)

Your only control other than this is the ability to bend it dependent on block colour.[Author’s description]

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Undo The End (Disco Fish)

These are dark times, and the world will end soon[Author’s description]

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moving away (finny)

a new twine game.[Author’s description]

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Devil’s Chord (mcc)

It makes music. Illegal music. Diabolic music. Okay, by that I actually just mean there are tritones involved.[Author’s description]

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I made a slight change to the rules, after which I realized this really was the version I probably should have shipped to start with. It makes the connection between the music and the visuals a little clearer, which I think makes the visuals more interesting, but, IMO the sounds are *slightly* less evocative.– [Author’s description]

[Mod (Place this .zip file in the same folder as the executable or application.)]

Fastness – Orbital Circuitry Defense (Rami Ismail)

Fastness is a game inspired by the pillars of tower defense: building things to slow down / kill enemies, managing a limited resource and waves built around combining enemy types. On the other end, it tries to remove all tedious elements from the genre and explores a faster, potentially more interesting form of its gameplay.[Author’s description]

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T.Y.P.O. – Teletype Protocol Operation (Squadra Games)

A steampunk inspired tower defense where you have to defend your land against enemies by typing the words above their heads.[Author’s description]

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Desperate Gods (Wolfire Games)

Desperate Gods is a free online board game that was designed to be played just like a board game in real-life: no rules are enforced by the computer, and all moves are performed in a shared physical space. The game itself is a cross between Monopoly and Diablo, a dark fantasy dungeon crawl for up to four players.[Author’s Description]

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hell is other people (George Buckenham)

Fight the ghosts of those that have come before by moving in two dimensions and shooting missiles. The fiercer you fight, the harder it shall be for those that come after. How much past can you survive before you are overwhelmed?[Author’s description]

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