Open Hexagon (Vittorio Romeo)

Open Hexagon is my first completed game. It’s a fast paced fun game inspired by Super Hexagon (by Terry Canavagh).[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to posting my own games on this site…

    • The fact that you post this on your blog is pretty awesome, Terry. Can’t wait to try your version though.

    • Speaking about it, I’d like to see Nexus City on this blog someday (if you’ll make it free)

    • I for one think this uncoordinated release was tactless on Vittorio’s part.

      This contributes nothing meaningfully new and cannot be realistically called a “tribute.”

      If it can, then we should all be in the business of cloning every profitable game we see and tagging it “tribute.”

  2. is super hexagon coming to pc or android any time soon?

  3. Hey Terry, thanks for being so nice.

    I apologize for releasing the game before you released your own PC version – now that I think about it, it was not a wise decision at all.

    I’m sorry if I upset you with the release.

    I encourage everyone to play Open Hexagon.
    But please remember that the idea is cloned from Super Hexagon, and if you like my game you should absolutely check out the original and consider buying it.

    Thanks again Terry.

  4. I have to say, this is quite good. The way I see it, it’s the alternate soundtrack version to Super Hexagon. I also like that it’s got a couple of slower modes for those not as gaming inclined as those who can just jump in.

    I’m still definitely picking up Super Hexagon for PC, but it’ll be fun to explore this until that comes out.

  5. Well, you know your design is inspirational when someone makes an open source version of it.

    Thing is, open source clones are usually released long after the original game had a chance to make lots of money.

    But this is no competition for the real game because it runs like molasses. Still, variable speeds are an idea that might make for a decent “practice mode” for the REAL PC version of Super Hexagon.

    • Hey Phack,

      by “runs like molasses”, do you mean performance problems? If so, I’d be interested in knowing your processor/video card, in order to know if I have to optimize my code further.


      • Sorry, that was a bit harsh. I’ve found that it runs fine on a faster PC. But my classic Pentium4 3.06GHz with 4GB RAM couldn’t handle it 😳

  6. Open Hexagon once set down on me what appeared to be an inescapable contiguous wall. I was playing Flattering Shape on V1. I wonder if this is one of the bugs that’s been fixed.

  7. Ported it to Linux in between Vessel ragequits:

    x86_64 should just work out of the box, still need the x86 libs in the repository (libjsoncpp and libSFML). OSX should also work, but again I need to build the dependencies.

    Also removed the Boost dependency, since Boost is bad for you.

  8. Tried (and failed :mrgreen: ) to port it to Mac. However, it runs perfectly in Wine, so Mac users can simply use that.

  9. I get a pure function call error and the screen is really zoomed in on what seems to be one dimensional lines converging and spinning but not shapes.

      • Definitely a video card problem. It has been reported that the game doesn’t work at all with older hardware, or if the drivers are updated.

        Unless you haven’t updated your video drivers in a long time, then a probable cause is that your video card is too outdated. Sorry.

  10. I remember a time when “indie” games like this were called flash games πŸ˜•

    • Flash games are games made using Adobe Flash. Any game not made using that (for example, OpenHexagon which is made in C++) cannot be called a Flash game.

  11. Π’ΡˆΡΡƒ

    Hey Vittorio!
    Can you now make Dyad a pc game? πŸ™‚

  12. Turns out it’s slightly less of a ripoff than it seems due to easy moddability. Meaning: CUSTOM LEVELS

  13. Since this post is still visited, I should say that the version linked here is very outdated.

    I’ve released 1.6 yesterday, you can get it on the official page:

  14. Could you please make this for iOS please?