Like so many others, after playing Spelunky I got interested in random level generation and this game is sort of the result of that interest. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is pretty cool!

    (By the same person who made the divisive Kodachrome.)

    • Yeah, I noticed that. I didn’t like Kodachrome too much, and hmm…maybe this isn’t any better for different reasons.

      But I think there’s something worthwhile (otherwise why would I post it), and for sure this author has ‘it’ whatever the hell that means. Hopefully we see more in the future.

    • Is it MNWS or NMWS? You guys have the name wrong on either this entry or the Kodachrome entry.

  2. Man i really want to like this, since its a spelunky-like, but i just cant stand the darkness. Everyone hates the dark levels in spelunky, and it looks like the entire game is like that. That and with the floaty mechanics its very easy to ram yourself into the spikes constantly, making it pretty annoying.