Fastness – Orbital Circuitry Defense (Rami Ismail)

Fastness is a game inspired by the pillars of tower defense: building things to slow down / kill enemies, managing a limited resource and waves built around combining enemy types. On the other end, it tries to remove all tedious elements from the genre and explores a faster, potentially more interesting form of its gameplay.[Author’s description]

[Windows Download]


  1. Love the look. Love the design ideas.

  2. mm this is very well designed, yes

  3. I couldn’t understand a single thing, and the controls are very clumsy here (but perhaps it’s related).

  4. Frantic tactical fun. The only drawback is that the game starts behaving very oddly when the core is destroyed.

  5. Very impressive. Personally, I think it has less in common with Tower Defense and feels much more like a fresh take on good ol’ Missile Command. Love it.