Collapse, Collide (Ivan Zanotti)

A short experimental Adventure – [Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. This game is seriously hard. You have to play it on easy mode to avoid fighting with the awkward wall-hanging controls the whole time. Even so, I still couldn’t get very far up the tower.

    Has anyone beaten this? I’d love to see a video playthrough.

    Ivan Zanotti is a fascinating developer.

    • I wasn’t able to successfully wall jump at all in normal mode, but found it ok to finish in easy mode. Quite a satisfying adventure to play though!

      Agreed, I’ll be keeping an eye on Ivan 🙂

  2. There must be a fraction of a second–a few frames–in which you can make it past this certain point in the second stage inside the tower. But after a dozen or more tries, I think I can say I’m never going to figure it out.

    Is there any difference between easy mode and normal beside wall-jumping being significantly easier (and more intuitive) in easy mode? I feel like maybe easy mode might have a faster run speed, but I also might have just felt liberated by the wall-hang controls.

    Anyway, as far as I could take it, I really liked this game. Even in its more difficult form, the wall jumping was fun to explore and was implemented interestingly.

  3. I beat it on normal mode just now. Once you get the hang of wall-jumping it will start to feel intuitive. The one thing that I had to keep in mind was that you’re not wall-jumping at all, you can jump again when you’re falling.

  4. I uploaded a new version of the game just now: some bug fixed and secret levels added!

    Thanks for playing, guys =)

    • Hooray! I finally beat it! What a great little game. And much improved. (The lava on that one level is still a little buggy.)

      Now, to find those secret levels!

  5. Replayed this again (still love it) and finally found the secret levels! They are seriously cool and reference Zanotti’s other games. But they are seriously hard. Can’t get past the second one… yet.

    Anyone completed all the secret levels?