Anamnesis, of Renascents and Monsters (Jose Ignacio Moreno Ferrer)

Anamnesis attempts to recreate a Pen and Paper role playing experience in a single player videogame. 

The game is driven through narrative and offers at all times a high level of freedom of action.
The elements of the game, such as plot elements, characters and locations, are manually developed, but their selection is randomized for each gameplay to guarantee replayability
In the colony in which the players are dropped, they are free to play a grand role as governors, a humble one as adventurers, or something in between as explorers. Once the game starts, it is solely the player’s choice to develop militarily, economically, personally, romantically or in any way he or she chooses.[Author’s description]
[Windows Download]
[Mac Windows]
[Linux Download]


  1. I dunno how there are zero comments, so i’ll post one. This game is probably one of my favorite indie games i’ve ever played.

  2. Does anyone know how to contact Jose Ignacio?

    I’m an ilustrator and I’d like very much to portrait his game characters.

    I’m really enjoing the game, great work.

  3. Imaginative, captivating, original and atmospheric. Commit to an hour and if you’re not feeling it by then you probably won’t. Amazing game, thanks Jose.