A Man’s Quest (Drunk Devs)

The game takes about 16 minutes to complete, so it’s best played in one sitting.[Author’s description]

(via indiegames.com)

[Play online (HTML5)]
[Download for Windows]


  1. Please include a suicide / retry button. I got stuck by a collision glitch in a block maybe 10 minutes in (right after I was told I was almost at the tower’s top), just doing a normal jump.

  2. this is pretty great, but the camera in the tower section often didn’t show the next moving obstacle, which was a bit annoying, since the camera was PERFECT in the tree section and the cave section.

  3. Wow. I checked my sites referral summary to find out a massive chunk of players have come from this site. Thanks freeindiegam.es

  4. Seems pretty cool, but the game froze up on me during the floor 3 cutscene.

    I’m using Chrome, if that matters.

  5. I really enjoyed it!
    Great music, cute story, nice retro graphics.
    Just what I was looking for, a nice short experience!

  6. Except for the camera being decidedly unhelpful in one or two places, this was a blast. The movement feels good and just so wonderfully zippy. Really loved this.

    • lol. Yeah, the camera seams to be universally hated across the bored. If I ever make another platformer, I’m gonna have to work a lot harder on that aspect.

      • Nah, don’t be too hard on yourself. The camera was annoying in one or two places but for the most part it was no issue at all.

        The game was tons of fun! Really tight platforming.

        • Agreed. And like TomSmizzle said above, the camera was actually awesome before in the cave segments. It’s just never fun to jump up and run into a moving enemy whose position you can’t predict.

  7. Loved it. Short, decently challenging, not annoying, charming visuals, fun plot. Go play it.

    Will be keeping up with Drunk Devs from now on, as well.

  8. The ending was totally worth it. I’m a huge proponent of interactive credit scenes.