52 (Adriaan de Jongh)

I hate ‘games’ in the non-games genre for their ugliness. More often, their visuals make me take the game’s ethics less serious and cause a huge distraction to me and my ability to reflect on what the game is really about.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. This is pretty good. I hope people don’t spuriously compare this to the recently featured The Message, though…

  2. I think the author should have required the use of the spacebar to advance the text.

  3. Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    But yeah, this is cool.

  4. You got me, that was clever. I liked it a lot.

  5. About 30 clicks in, I was starting to worry I was wasting my time.

    Spoilers: Just keep clicking.

  6. I figured out what the clicking was quite early, so I was disappointed to discover that not clicking doesn’t have much effect. Had it surprised me I’m sure I’d like the game a lot more.

  7. I’ve never felt more like I’m missing something than I have reading the reactions to this game. I don’t see any real cleverness. I wondered if I actually missed some major aspect of it and played it again. I don’t get it. This feels almost like when I never found the fishing in Ocarina of Time.

    • Hm…the surprise is what all the clicking ends up meaning/being. But if you caught how the numbers show up in the story and made the connection, then there it may be that you’re just not so impressed.

      Personally, I really liked this but, somewhat similarly to Sergio above, caught on to what was going on at the first mention of a number in the story, and so was a bit surprised that not clicking wasn’t made into an explicit option.

  8. Spoiler: Doesn’t really have much to do with the player, does it? Just a bait and switch. I guess there could be guilt for not twigging earlier?

  9. Halfway through the game I had already figured out where the game was heading. It gave me the chills, but I kept on clicking…