The Secret Garden (SamoojaMies)

This is meant to be a relaxing experience. You can carry stuff and design your own garden or do what ever else you want. You can interact with frogs in many ways. Find a mysterious object and figure out what you can do with it. Put your headphones on, play fullscreen and relax! – [Author’s description]

[Play Online (Unity)]


  1. what people should do is go past the garden, find the purple statue, and then jump on it and pick it up at the same time

    if you succeed at this, you will find a miracle

  2. Doesn’t support IE, apparently.

    • Duuuudee…nothing supports IE. The only thing that ever has to work on IE is the downloads for chrome and firefox.

  3. Ok so I used one of the pizza boxes as a platform to climb over the wall of trees and managed to escape into a featureless void. Do I win?

    • Important Update:
      By wedging myself between two immovable trees and placing a pizza box underneath me, I was sent flying & fell out of the world. Secret ending??

  4. we have escaped from one hell and into another

  5. Doesn’t work with Google Chrome?

    • Author here. It does work with Chrome, but not with linux. Otherwise there is something weird happening in your chrome or unity plugin.

  6. – Placing the Buddha on top of a cubic tree makes the tree slide around…

    – Spigot creates flowers wherever it’s placed…

    – So, if one puts the spigot and the Buddha on top of a tree, voilá, flower-spawning-mobile! Profit!

    Mh, not so fast. After countless attempts, seems there’s no place on top of tree for both Buddha and spigot. Oh well.

  7. Although it may be intentional, I think the effect caused by picking up the purple statue while standing on it is a bug.

    Unity talk: When the statue is picked up, it’s probably being parented to the player’s transform at a set distance from the player transform’s pivot point. If the player is looking down, the statue will end up partially inside the player’s collider when picked up, causing some rather unrealistic (albeit entertaining) physics behaviour.

    If I recall correctly, early versions of the Source engine had a similar (but slightly harder to trigger) bug that people used to “barrel jump” their way across levels.

  8. Oh man, I stacked some rocks to jump on the Buddha – that was awesome