Teletrooper (Adam Butcher, Ben Claxton)

TELETROOPER is a fast-paced flying shooter with an unashamedly high difficulty level.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. The mandatory, unskippable tutorial (which rudely begins if you have the audacity to try to start the game) is really bad and imparts no information that could not be grasped in 10 seconds.

    • The tutorial is mandatory? That’s weird. I agree with you it seems pretty unnecessary.

      Honestly I didn’t much like the game but the creators put in so much heart, I couldn’t ignore it either. I’m like that sometimes, softy I guess. 😳

      • Actually, if you press Esc on the Training it quits it straight away, then you can start the game.

        A lot of people needed to learn the controls first tho…

        • The problem is that there are so many signposts saying “This tutorial is unskippable”.

          When I start up the game and the options “Tutorial” and “New Game” are there and I select “New Game”, that is me as the player making a conscious decision to bypass the tutorial. Maybe I’ve played it before, on a friend’s computer, before a reinstall, etc. Maybe I’ve played any games at all before in my life so the very simple, basic controls present no difficulty to me.

          When I make that choice and the game forces me to play the tutorial anyways, that does not engender the idea that this game is interested in letting me skip the tutorial. I’m not trying to be harsh, just explaining how someone might feel when faced with this design decision.

          • It sounds to be like a more prominent reminder that hitting esc will skip the tutorial at any time would do the trick for you, right Porpentine?

            In any case, I’ll just point out that I think for this game having New Game nonetheless show you the tutorial first is a smart move. You really don’t think the game’s controls are idiosyncratic enough to warrant it? Alternatively, I suppose tutorial text could be worked into the starting missions, but then you really couldn’t skip them…

            Lastly, I like this game! (I played it a couple weeks ago, I think, maybe whenever it was first released.) And I think I need to go through the tutorial again because I can’t handle maneuvering in that first warehouse level!)

  2. Escape would be good, but what would be better would be respecting players enough to let them start a New Game if they choose to start a New Game.

    • I hear you, but I can see how this may have felt like the right decision to the developers, because to me it seemed like this is a game with pretty unorthodox controls, and that missing out on the tutorial would be a huge detriment for player enjoyment (especially those who would dive right in but then immediately quit in frustration, which I bet would be a not small number).

      But seeing how frustrated this choice made you (and, thus, likely others like you), I wonder if the best option might have been to incorporate game-pausing popup tooltips into the first mission, with the first of those giving you the clear option to disable the rest.

      But I’m not sure why I’m focusing on this so much. I think I was maybe a bit taken aback at the strength of your reaction (especially with no comment at all about the game itself). And I wasn’t going to bother chiming in, but then one of the developers coming by to comment today (and both previous comments being pretty dismissive) made me think it might be worth doing so.