Super Original (Casper Friis Farsøe)

Survive for as long as possible! But the enemies get stronger and faster, and you get slower as time passes.

14+ seconds is okay.

17+ seconds is a good time.

18+ seconds is great.

19+ seconds is superb. [Author’s description]

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  1. Well of course it’s not possible to win, a ‘win state’ hasn’t even been defined.

  2. Justin: Good point! What the description above doesn’t contain is that this game was created at the jamIT 2012 event, where the theme of the jam was “Not Possible”. So that was the connection to the theme (however silly that may sound), as well as the fact that the player becomes slower and slower over time, whereas the enemies become bigger and faster. 🙂

  3. 17.8’s my best. surprisingly enjoyable

  4. 20 seconds but i got a bit lucky