Streemerz (Arthur Lee, Faux Game)

STREEMERZ is a retro NES styled platforming game inspired by the inimitable Bionic Commando.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

[Download for NES]

[Download Nestopia for Windows/Linux/Mac]


  1. Wow, this is something special.

    Also, there’s so many VVVVVV references I drowned.

  2. This is truly excellent. Worth anyone’s time. I’ve managed to reach what looks to be the final sequence and find myself sort of wishing there were checkpoints there, but I’m more or less making satisfyingly steady progress so will probably come back to this in a bit to finish up.

    (I stopped bothering to reach for all the money bags around halfway through. And it looks like I’ve died 163 times so far.)

  3. Well, it looks like the pretend NES cart (at least in the Flash version) doesn’t have a battery backup chip. 🙁

    (If you don’t want to commit to playing all in one sitting, then, probably the NES rom under emulation is the way to go.)

    So instead of starting over I tried out Streemerz Mode from the main menu, which is totally worth taking a look at, a remix of the original game with “Dr Tary” as the playable character and the Bionic Commando arm mechanic replaced with VVVVVV’s gravity swapping. It’s much, much easier than the main story mode (especially as far as collecting all the money bags is concerned) but it’s a fun, breezy playthrough…

  4. Also, placing the dot over the ???????? button and pressing LEFT+X unlocks the MASTER Y mode. Which is identical to story mode but you play as Master Y, and some secret parts of the plot are revealed.

    I didn’t think forcing one sitting was unfair. You can always play the easy mode, it’s just as fun.

    • Oh, I agree: not unfair at all. (It’s definitely a short enough game.) I was just surprised (I mean, I’d incorrectly assumed we were late enough in the NES’s lifecycle for the cost of the battery backup chips to have dropped far enough such that including them would be pro forma, but I see now that while this one was rescued from the landfills recently, it was obviously manufactured in the 80s.)

      It’s only that had I known ahead of time I would have left the browser window open. (Does the LEFT+X trick get revealed to you upon finishing the regular Story mode?)

      • Upon finishing it with all 16 bags of money, yes.

        And it’s true it’d be nice for games like this, when ported to flash, to have some “this game doesn’t save your progress” warning.