Snazzle (Amidos)

A Snake Puzzle game inspired by Snayke ([Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is worth sticking with. (I’ve taken a break after the first 10 levels.) It starts off absurdly simply, but eventually becomes satisfyingly brain-twisting (though it’s a little odd that up until this point the Snake-like grow-longer-with-each-pellet-eaten behavior hasn’t been a noticeable impediment to any potential solutions. I had to go back now to check whether a self-collision is even registered.)

    • Yeah, turning around on a dime probably shouldn’t be allowed or something. It makes it a bit too easy to maneuver.

      You’re right though, it starts off slow but it becomes something interesting. (Man, what’s with all the snake games this year?) 🙂