Muchuu Senkan Nandakanaa (Detarou)

夢中戦艦ナンダカナー”を公開しました。 – [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This might be my favourite of Detarou’s games, which I’ve only recently discovered. Was actually able to solve this one without referring to the walkthrough!

  2. Oh, the panda deaths/traps are an ouvre-wide thing! That’s a nice little joke, in a genre that generally avoids any game-over screens.

    (In the previous one, I hadn’t saved before playing with the pandas. It’s also a nice touch that while one is forced to start over with an empty inventory, previously unlocked boxes/doors remain unlocked. It’s more for fun than for punishment.)

    • Yeah, they make an appearance in all of these games that I’ve played so far. (Their best one is probably in the one that I’m going to post next.)

  3. I was trapped forever on the hologram puzzle. For some reason the code I got after (SPOILER ALERT): wiping the paint off with the saliva cloth was completely wrong (after flipping it). I was really confused until I saw the JayIsGames walk through 😯

    • Here’s another non-gameplay related PRO tip 😀

      Start up ratking’s “The Modeleum” while playing this game. The background music goes PERFECTLY. It’s uncanny 😯

  4. I have a feeling that even if I could read Japanese I wouldn’t be able to understand this.

  5. Game’s full name is Muchuu Senkan Nandakanaa (I guess translated it’s like ‘Dream Battleship Howboutdat’–reference to Space Battleship Yamato, I gather). The creator seems to actually call themselves Dasshutsu Tarou (something like ‘Johnny Escape’).

  6. This is the first one of these that I’ve actually managed to get through without cheating, I don’t know if it’s me getting better or the games getting easier.

  7. Hmm, Detarou is definitely a unique flavour in the escape genre.