Brace (Merritt Kopas)

A brief text adventure for two, made for my partner on our two-year anniversary.[Author’s description]

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  1. Wow, a two-player text game with separately taken turns and controlled information sent between the two players is such a good idea! (And this is a very touching game in and of itself, to boot.)

    I kind of hope this becomes an entire genre. I could imagine a game for couples to play over a series of months, likely on their cellphones, just a couple back-and-forths performed each day.

    (There are also some things one could toy with about misinformation and misunderstanding, especially if the characters, as I at first assumed was the case with this game’s, couldn’t communicate with language. But I can’t tell if the sort of thing I’m thinking about might be just too obvious. Obviously not appropriate for an anniversary game, but would it be silly if, for instance, one player thought they were rescuing the other, but the other were told the first was part of the danger?)

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