Blockage (John Nesky, Gabo Gaete, Ashley Zeldin)

Blockage is a little like a isometric Snake variant, except your task is simply to get from point a to point b without crashing into a wall.[Reviewer’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

(via Oddities)


  1. Oh, wow, once you realize what’s going on, how the levels interact, this is really neat!

    (This shares gameplay elements in that regard with Christopher Whitman’s Run, but without the repetition-frustration I felt there. Smart, of course, to make jumping back to make revisions such a simple task.)

    Lastly, I wonder if the game designer(s) might be left handed? I was surprised how much persistent trouble I had wrapping my head around the default ERDF controls. Clicking in the lower-right to switch to arrow keys worked out much better.

  2. The music is awful.