Turnament (Aaron Steed, for Nitrome)

Make one wrong turn and all will be lost – [Nitrome Blog]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Yes, the field of turn-based puzzlers is looking very healthy indeed.

  2. Wow, that was fun. Great minimalist tactics game.

  3. Great! It’s like someone made an entire game out of that ‘approach the enemy at the right time’ component that appears in most roguelikes.

  4. Make sure to collect all the coins on each level –and go upward to the left before going rightward to the king in the final level — as there’s an extra section introducing a new game mechanic if you do.

    (And it looks like you can go back and visit earlier sections if you’ve missed anything, though the level-select interface is a bit cryptic.)

  5. Enjoyed this, but when repeatedly trying puzzles the wait to respawn and for switch pushing effects grated on me.

    • That’s what you’re stuck with if the real estate is smaller than the puzzle I’m afraid. The game needs to be playable by people with the attention spans of children.

      The best solution is to simply make a bigger game with puzzles that fit nicely on the screen to be appraised in one look. That would be a nice project to make.

      • I’m sure you’ve thought this through much more so than I, but on the surface that sounds a bit hasty, no? For instance, couldn’t both of those wait times be interruptable? Or is the concern there that some players who need the hint might end up inadvertently interrupting the camera animation?

        • Correct.

          A large skill gap was evident in testing. People who play roguelikes or DROD find the game opens too slow and slows the pace even further to illustrate puzzles. The rest of the world can barely keep up with the speed the game changes and adds rules.

          Numerous review comments have come up where people don’t understand how to kill things, even though I’ve forced them to.

          • Ah, got it. Thanks for clarifying. It’s neat Nitrome is letting you do these at all (all three have been great!), so I guess that’s the trade-off…

            (If a review comment says they don’t know how to kill things, my guess is what they really mean is that they don’t know how to predict when they’ll end up being killed? But figuring out that behavior is the essence of the puzzle here, so what can you do. You’re probably lucky those testers didn’t make it to the spiders.)

  6. Really like this one, nice job st33d.

  7. Man, this 50×50 series is the best thing that’s happened to Nitrome. The length is perfect and the level design is really clever. Gave me Zaga-33 flashbacks.

  8. i really like this game!

  9. A simple concept used creatively to create a wonderful and original game.