Triple Threat (rylgh)

Okay, I made a 1v1 iPad game that works pretty well on computers…

Anyway, your units ‘evolve’ with new attachments as the game goes on, and your strategy for controlling your squad ‘evolves’ as their capabilities change.

The winner of each of the first 3 rounds gets first choice of items. The winner of the final round wins the game.  – [Author’s description]

[Play Online]
[Windows Download]
[Mac Download]


  1. this sure doesn’t work well with widescreen laptop monitors with low resolutions! pretty fun, but i wish there were more upgrades.

    • yeah, i was mostly focusing on ipad during the 48 hour jam and didn’t have time to make it more suitable for playing on computers. the mac build seems to scale it to your resolution though.

      and i’m planning on updating it with more stuff pretty soon 🙂

      • more stuff, yay!!! i look forward to seeing new upgrades, that’ll really expand the strategic layer of drafting between rounds

        • i updated the links to reflect some changes (widescreen resolution, keyboard control for selecting items, xbox controller support). might have to clear the cached page to see the new version (cmd-shift-R on chrome).

          will add new items soon thanks for playing!