Thrustburst (Umlaut)

Thrustburst is a video-game about iterative failure leading to definite success.

You’ll be extremely awful at Thrustburst at first and the game will mock you for it. But if you persevere the game will recognise your growing skill. It will acknowledge the various different ways you can go about your objective and it will reward you with further challenges.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

(This is a guest post by Bennett Foddy.)


  1. Haven’t beaten “Standard” yet but I’m really enjoying it.

  2. I am a little too drunk to play this right now but that screenshot is BEAUTIFUL.

  3. AVG is objecting to this one.

    Anybody know what the deal is?

  4. Looks and sounds very nice. I don’t get very far though.

    Not seeing any of the mockery mentioned in the description, and it fails to mention the game is randomised.

    • I guess the “mockery” is those bold orange letters that read “FAILURE” every time you crash… and all those stats that in my case are mostly near zero. It doesn’t directly scream “you suck” at the player though.

      Anyway this is super pretty (the music is also partially randomized maybe?). I find it relaxing despite the difficulty.

      Also, I had to go to the readme to discover how you’re supposed to gain energy (you have to grind against the ceiling).

      • Or floor 😀 Which is harder tho.

        The music is not randomised as such, but in some of the tracks the channels have different pattern amounts, so they will go out of sync, kinda experimental stuff Ghormak did there.

      • Oh right, I never really took it as mockery, but I understand. I also never knew that about the energy. Thanks!

  5. I dunno about this one. The whole point seems to be that the controls are not very good. I stopped playing after three runs.

    • I love this game. I use a gamepad and JoyToKey, since the in-game joy support doesn’t work for me. The advantage of JoyToKey is you can map a button to thrusting up (normally the up arrow) which works great.

  6. This is one of my favorite games of all time. Nice to see it here.