Super Clew Land (Team Clew)

======= CONTROLS =======
WASD and Spacebar to control Clew.
Arrow Keys to match Protein Pucks.  – [Author’s description]

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  1. Really loved everything about this game – except for the end! the last part is pretty difficult/intense and I found it too frustrating to get knocked back to my last evolution point. If it had some save-points during that last stretch it would make it a lot more enjoyable and still keep the challenge IMO.

    • Though I had no problems completing the last challenge, I remember thinking “boy, it’s been a while since the last checkpoint, if I died here I would totally close the game before redoing this.”

      But I think it’s the main problem during all of this otherwise really fun game: a lot of walking from the checkpoint to where you wanted to be before dying.

      • yeah walking back to the spiky flying area isn’t fun, they should just start you in front of it

        • Yeah, it’s kind of understandable if they decided the spiky part is a challenge you have to do in one sitting, but walking to the spiky challenge is no challenge itself, so there’s no point in replaying that.

          • You can choose your own evolution point by keeping your last protein puck in the center of the thing in the lower right corner until you’re where you want to be.

          • Oh, that’s actually helpful advice!

            Now of course there’s the problem of having the first-time player not knowing which place will be convenient for a save point, ’cause they ignore what power they’ll be given and which parts of the map will be revealed to them. But I have to admit, I didn’t realise that was the case and it’s a pretty original save feature!

          • I felt the same way on my first trek over to the area, but realized through experimentation the second time that it takes maybe less than 15 seconds to just fly as far to the left as you can and then drop down. (Realizing now that my save point happened to be relatively high up in the air; if yours was toward sea-level then I guess it would take longer…)