Pyro II (Mike O’Brien)

This is my favourite free indie game of all time, a simulation-based action puzzle game with a decidedly pre-2001 theme. Attempt to burn down a series of public buildings while you are still inside them, using cans of gas and a relentlessly pursuing fuse. It’s as though Pac-man ate too many power pills and went postal.

You can choose to carefully place the cans so that they will explode when the fuse hits them, or pour them out on the floor so that they burn more of the building. There is a massive bonus for burning everything down, but make sure you don’t burn the staircase before you’ve made your escape.

It runs just fine in DOSBox, but you may need to assign a key for ScrollLock, which speeds the simulation up after you have exited a level. – [Description by Bennett Foddy]

[Download for DOS]
[Download DOSBox (Multiplatform DOS emulator)]

(This is a guest post by Bennett Foddy.)


  1. Was just thinking about this game lately. CTBV reminded me of it. There have been several fire based indie game but none of them beat this one.

  2. Bennett, what about this game makes it your favorite free indie game of all time? I’d love to hear your thoughts.