Metal Gear Salad (John Earnest)

Help the Colonel toss his perfect salad.[Author’s description]

[Click the image above, download it, and rename to .jar to play in Java]


  1. That’s pretty clever.

    Poking at the file, it looks like if you have a PNG as the first file in a JAR file, most programs will decode it as a PNG. Technically, the part of the file after the PNG is not valid PNG chunks, but nobody seems to care. 😉

  2. I’m having trouble downloading this, I get a .png and it’s actually a .png not a .jar file, please can someone help me?

    • The trick is that it’s ALSO a jar file! just rename it as a .jar. On Windows there’s the option to show file extensions, this way you can change .png to .jar! (you can also use the command line, “rename file.png file.jar” if i recall correctly). On Linux-based systems extensions are usually already visible. I don’t know about Macs though.

    • I think if you right-click it and select “Save image as…” you have to add “.jar” to the file name and ALSO change the Type option below it from “PNG file” to “All files”.