Lim (merritt kopas)

There seems to be no agent more effective than another person in bringing a world for oneself alive, or, by a glance, a gesture, or a remark, shriveling up the reality in which one is lodged. – Erving Goffman[Author’s description]

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  1. Early in the game I got rammed by two dark blue squares and the collision glitched, putting me outside the level.

    At first I was like “yeah, fuck all you squares and your oppressive square culture, I can go anywhere.” Then I got to the end and it was (probably) unintentionally sad, and reflective on what happens when we choose to work inside vs. outside systems.

    Good job.

    • Well, though I too was thrown outside of the level, in the end I still managed to communicate with the (significant?) other square, so I guess it’s okay (or, more likely, there are two glitches).

  2. This is great and really touching.

  3. This is kind of perfect, in its modest way. I appreciated how being attacked doesn’t ‘kill’ you (i.e. artificially reset anything), it just makes your life hell, maybe impossible. Compared even with other games which aim to communicate something about human experience, this kind of attention to detail makes all the difference. I also think it benefited greatly from being wordless, and wish more designers would have the confidence in to go that route. Thanks for posting it.

  4. got stuck almost immediately with no way to progress since the 3 blue guys were blocking the only way out and couldn’t be moved at all. maybe i’ll give it a second try.

  5. this is the most gut-wrenching thing

  6. Oh man this was very painful and I almost cried at the end. Beautiful.