Hello world (timgarbos)

A collaborative storytelling experiment in an abstract 3D world. [Author’s description]

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  1. «Porpentine was here…Now I strive for greater heights!»

  2. Loved it. Found Porpentine’s tombstone.

  3. i played for 2 hours without realizing it. GG

  4. Graffiti Sim 2013

  5. Fell into the water from a high place and didn’t want to climb back up. Hmm.

  6. This is cute, but how do I leave a message?

  7. Though very interesting, there are so many messages that the game begins to lag after enough load in. I think there needs to be some way to limit the messages to load up.

  8. I like the idea but at this point there are too many messages. You can hardly see where you’re going.

  9. I made an updated version.It’s available here instead: https://helloworld.kanako.dk/game.html