esPoir (Leo-Games)

The game was made in a short time for a contest, and thus, it is very short. There are only 3 levels which can be beaten in less than a minute each, but it will most likely take a casual gamer 10 minutes to complete.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I like how it fucks your head so much about having a monster right behind you, that in the last level the monster didn’t even have to be there.

    Lil’ dude reminds me of Depict1’s main character.

    • Wooo we’re featured on Free Indie Games \o/

      David > Eh, must be a bug. There is a monster in the last level, but it disappears as soon as you get the gold key.
      Oh you’re right about Depict1, it’s funny!

  2. I really liked this one. It had never occurred to me that a 2d platformer could pass off as a horror game. Makes me wonder what kinds of changes would have to be made for this game to hold up for a full-length experience over several hours.

  3. Jamos > Well the concept wasn’t that simple at all in the first place, I had planned it to have a lot of very different enemies with almost only one point in common: they would chase the hero in one way or another. But due to the lack of time (the contest for which it was created lasted 15 days, and we made the game in roughly 30 hours), we decided that it wasn’t a possibility, and narrowed the concept a lot.

  4. 😯
    OMG, this game ‘s awesome !

  5. Really cool. I love the art, I love the levels that shift while you can’t see them.