Biplanes (Peter Mason, Aisling Canton)

So, this is a remake of Peter Mason’s Amiga game Biplane Duel & its update Salmon-Pink Max (from 22 years ago! *weeps*) which turned up on the coverdisks of Amiga Format and Amiga Power way back in the early 90s. It is a magnificently tight two player competitive game, and aside from one unfortunate bug, tuned to perfection. For many years, it was a constant go-to game to be dug out from the great pile of old coverdisks when friends were round of an evening.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]

(This is a guest post by Bennett Foddy.)


  1. Oh man, I’ve put more hours into Bip than I’d care to mention, nosediving onto my brothers and schoolmates. Even dedicated arond a decade to making a futuristic version, Trip, until I realise noone else enjoyed but my brothers and me.

  2. Also me! I loved this!

    Jasper – where’d your futuristic remake get to? Can I see it?

  3. This is my favorite 2 player game of all time.
    my friends and I cant find it anywhere. any chance of getting
    a copy or downloading some script?

    any assistance much appreciated