Zineth (Arcane Kids)

Zineth is a student game made over a few months meant to celebrate speed, movement, and twitter.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]


  1. This game is really impressive. The feeling of speed and openness the first time the game releases you into the main outdoor area is exhilarating and is itself worth the download. On top of that, there’s enough to explore for a good two or three hours.

    I also was surprised by how much I enjoyed the smartphone/Twitter mechanic. I’m not much of a Twitter user, and ordinarily that sort of thing would strike me as an irrelevant gimmick, but I felt it really fit with the theme nicely.

  2. WOW


    the tutorial is pretty important i’d recommend taking it


  3. The wavespark-esque hold L to build up speed on slopes was cool, the rails were cool. But the weird air controls, finicky wall jumping, and tapping A to build up speed (I’m just really bad at rapid button tapping, to be honest) I just couldn’t get past. I just wanted to go fast, but I felt the controls kept fighting me on that.

    I imagine that if one could get past all that, there’s a really cool game here, I really want to like this one. Might have to come back later when I’m in a better mood.

  4. The controls are a bit finicky (well for wall jumping anyway), but actually I really like this game.

    Hell, I’ll go one step further: why the hell didn’t I pay money for this? I hope the authour doubles down with this bet, because it’d be amazing. 😯

  5. Haha, wow! This is like Tribes meets Walking in Circles…but fun.

  6. This game is AWESOME! I love it!

  7. since I don’t have a xbox controler I can’t really enjoy this game so I only did the tutorial. I like the style, and can’t tell much about the gameplay. I wished you could change the controls. I think it could be possible to improve it though: make W the boost/jump button, left mouse click the jump/boost button (Im undecided what would be best for W) and replace SHIFT with S. this way you have the most important controls within reach and you don’t have to think about clicking buttons and stop the gameplay by rewinding time over and over again because for each challenge you need to move your hands differently. the stop button, which was S, could be any button because it is meant to stop the game for a while, so its cool if you have to move your hand. it could be done with SPACE. rewinding time goes well, but it might be nice to do it with the scroll button (but that should be optional, because not everyone has a mouse with a scrollbutton).