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Beetlefield : The Forecast (Benjamin)


-> benjamin;10;0;6;1;9;7c940 <- please tell me if you can beat it 🙂 [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)

The Balance (Abe, Reuno, Kuru, Mr_Hk_)

Special love to the talented Andy for the Awesome track “The Neon Nest”. You should have a look at , it’s good for you.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]

The Kittelutioning (Norgg)

You are required for an urgent kitten research project in the field of instantaneous genetic manipulation.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Coin-Operated Afternoon (Pierrec, Felix)

a stop-motion animated game[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Windows (Mirror)]

Pixelapse (BNeutral)

Engine is flashpunk with some minor modifications.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Death Cell (fohx)

Left/Right arrow keys to move, space to shoot.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]

The Darwinci Code (Wladislaw Gusew, Philip Lammert, Nicolas Neteler)

Darwin is watching you.[Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]

How evolution really works? (keenblaze)

So, this game is about human evolution…[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Parental Guidance (Maple)

You wake up to find that your parents have gone on holidays without you.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Additive (Desi Quintans)

Additive is a color-mixing puzzle game.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]