Getaway to Nowhere (SugarPillStdios)

Getaway to Nowhere is a hybrid racing and memory game…Although there is sadly no in-game sound or music, I recommend playing this in the background: Juno Reactor, Pistolero. In case, it’s not obvious from playing, you must follow the signs and memorize the directions that they lead you. Each time you complete the route, one addition intersection is added, and all of the previous signs are broken.[Author’s description]

[Window’s Download]




  1. This is pretty rockin’. It’s a very nifty video game reinterpretation of Simon.

    I wonder what it’d be like if different sorts of video game-type obstacles were added to add an even stronger dexterity componenet.

  2. Yeah, I busted this out in the last week of the competition… I think it needs to get more difficult as you go so it doesn’t become so grind-y. I was thinking about increasing the difficulty on the memory side, but I like the idea of more video game-type obstacles too. Lol, maybe there will be intersections with signs to make the game more challenging when you go one direction, and more game-type obstacle challenging in another.

    Glad you enjoyed it JDM. Thanks for posting Propentine!